1. Marrelli, Tina M. MSN, MA, RN, FAAN

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DGrant, S. (2012). A Caregiver's Guide to Throat Cancer: Honesty, Hope, and Humor to Help You Navigate the Wild Ride Called Throat Cancer! Port Ludlow, WA: Bella Vista. 177 pages.

This paperback book addresses the wide array of complex challenges that come with being diagnosed with throat cancer. Having had friends fight this disease, this book offers a range of options to help with the problems that patients and family members face. The book addresses "Before Treatment Begins," "Staying Organized," "The Feeding Tube Rumba," and "Ever-Changing Symptoms, Side Effects, and What to Expect."


One of the most useful sections includes information for those trying to keep up their loved ones caloric intake after surgery and through radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It includes recipes for smoothies and other high-calorie sources of nutrition.


The information is provided in a straightforward and conversational manner. It was written by a family member who has gone through this journey herself.


This book would be recommended for those family members going through this journey and for clinicians to help patients and family members specifically with meeting nutrition needs and other difficult aspects of this particular cancer.



By: Linda Markgraf, BSN, PHN, RN


I see the fatigue in your eyes,


I hear the strain in your voice,


I feel the fear in your touch.


Come my love, lay down beside me,


Rest a while in my arms,


Just like days gone by.


Let's not be afraid of me and my circumstance,


Nor this my bed for just a while.


This bed I'm in is truly large enough for two loving hearts,


Even though the reason I'm in this bed has changed


From days gone by.


Let me again feel the warmth of your body against mine.


The love I feel in your touch,


Is much more soothing than any pill I may take


To ease this pain of mine.


Please, my love let me hold your sweet hand like times gone by.


Let us reminisce about the good times in our life.


This gives me strength to carry on


And helps me forget,


Just for a while my circumstance.


As we lay here so close, the smell of your sweet skin,


The brush of your soft hair against my skin


Eases my labored breathing so much.


Come my love, lay down beside me just like days gone by.


Rest awhile in my arms.


Together, let us not be afraid of me, of my circumstance,


Nor of this my bed,


Just for a while, my love.


-Contributed by Tina M. Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN