1. Sanders, Mechelle R. BA
  2. Winters, Paul MS
  3. Fortuna, Robert J. MD, MPH
  4. Mendoza, Michael MD, MPH
  5. Berliant, Marc MD
  6. Clark, Linda MD, MS
  7. Fiscella, Kevin MD, MPH


The use of online personal health records (PHRs) threatens to transform the digital divide to a health care divide among the underserved. Little is known about underserved patients' ability to access online PHRs. We examined these factors among patients within safety-net practices. Among respondents (N = 654), only 12% had no experience of using a computer, and most were interested in using it to communicate with their provider. Age, sex, and race were not associated with interest in PHRs. A majority of patients have access to the Internet and are interested in using a PHR to manage their care, but they are not prepared.