1. Myers, Mary MSN, RN, PCCN
  2. Parchen, Debra BSN, RN, OCN(R)
  3. Geraci, Marilla MSN, RN, PMH/CNS
  4. Brenholtz, Roger MSN, RN
  5. Knisely-Carrigan, Denise BSN, RN
  6. Hastings, Clare PhD, RN, FAAN


Sustaining change in the behaviors and habits of experienced practicing nurses can be frustrating and daunting, even when changes are based on evidence. Partnering with an active shared governance structure to communicate change and elicit feedback is an established method to foster partnership, equity, accountability, and ownership. Few recent exemplars in the literature link shared governance, change management, and evidence-based practice to transitions in care models. This article describes an innovative staff-driven approach used by nurses in a shared governance performance improvement committee to use evidence-based practice in determining the best methods to evaluate the implementation of a new model of care.