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  1. Choi, JiSun PhD, RN
  2. Boyle, Diane K. PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between registered nurse (RN) workgroup job satisfaction and patient falls on 4 types of acute care hospital units.


BACKGROUND: Although a link has been found between nurse job satisfaction and quality of patient care, little research has been conducted to examine the effect of RN job satisfaction on patient clinical outcomes in acute care hospitals.


METHODS: Random-intercept negative binomial regression analyses were performed using 2009 unit-level data from 2,763 units in 576 National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators hospitals.


RESULTS: Controlling for unit (nurse staffing, RN education, and RN unit tenure) and hospital (Magnet(R) status, hospital size, and teaching status) characteristics, RN workgroup job satisfaction was inversely associated with patient falls (incident rate ratio, 0.941, 95% confidence interval, 0.911-0.972).


CONCLUSIONS: Higher RN workgroup job satisfaction is significantly related to fewer patient falls on acute care hospital units.