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  1. Vonderheid, Susan C. PhD, RN
  2. Carrie, S. Klima PhD, CNM
  3. Norr, Kathleen F. PhD
  4. Grady, Mary Alice MS, CNM
  5. Westdahl, Claire M. MPH, CNM, FACNM


Centering Pregnancy, an innovative group model of prenatal care, shows promise to reduce persistent adverse maternal-infant outcomes and contain costs. Because this innovation requires systemwide change, clinics reported needing support enrolling women into groups and obtaining organizational buy-in. This study used the 3-step social marketing communication strategy to help clinic staff identify key customers and customer-specific barriers to adopting or supporting Centering Pregnancy. They developed targeted information to reduce barriers and built skills in communicating with different customers through role-playing. Findings provide practical information for others to use this communication strategy to improve implementation of Centering Pregnancy.