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The painting on our January cover may look familiar to you. But AJN's take on Norman Rockwell's Before the Shot, painted by Jerry Miller, contains one key difference: the rendition of the family care provider. Rockwell was known for his portraits of everyday Americans, including the family doctor. But while Rockwell often depicted the typical family doctor as an older, portly gentleman, we chose to show a provider who is more in line with those we are beginning to see in today's changing health care landscape: an NP. NPs can prescribe in every state, and federal and state legislative efforts are currently aimed at removing restrictions that prevent NPs from practicing independent of physician oversight. For more on the growing role of the NP, see this month's Editorial, "The New Paradigm: The Nurse as Family Doctor." To learn more about the artist, see his Web site at .-Michael Fergenson, senior editorial coordinator

Figure. The painting... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. The painting on our January cover may look familiar to you, but