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NANN is proud to be the professional voice for neonatal nurses. The organization enjoys continued success because of its outstanding members. NANN would like to share exciting highlights of several accomplishments that were achieved in the areas of membership, education, products, and research in 2013.



Each year, NANN develops a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) based on Franklin Covey's 4 Disciplines of Execution. In 2013, NANN's WIG was to reach a total of 7777 members by year-end.

NANN President Chery... - Click to enlarge in new windowNANN President Cheryl Ann Carlson, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC, celebrates NANN's membership growth at the 2013 Annual Educational Conference.

NANN set this goal to ensure that NANN's peer network, voice, and resources were available to all neonatal nurses across the United States.


NANN began 2013 with 7250 members, and these members were asked to assist the organization in achieving this goal. To support members as they worked to grow their professional association, NANN developed a group membership discount incentive and created a membership recruitment toolkit (also available at, which included sample recruitment e-mail templates, a slide presentation, a poster for the neonatal intensive care unit, and multiple membership pieces.


These endeavors were highly successful as NANN reached 7921 members by September 30, 2013-9% growth! NANN members have made a difference to their neonatal nursing colleagues and contributed to enhancing the available resources to shape neonatal nursing through excellence in practice, education, research, and professional development.


NANN thanks all members for sharing the value and benefits of the association with their peers, especially those who referred new members and renewed their own membership.


With the success of 2013 behind us, NANN will continue to offer the group new member discount. Remember, with more NANN members and resources, you win, your colleagues win, and neonates and their families win.


You still can participate in the group discount promotion and receive a referral discount bonus to use toward your next membership renewal. Visit for more information.



The 29th Annual Educational Conference brought nearly 750 attendees to Nashville, including 28 conference registration scholarship recipients. The 2013 conference program included dozens of exceptional speakers and a range of topics, which made decisions about which sessions to attend very difficult. The educational program included 2 preconference events, 25 concurrent sessions, 15 paper presentations, 4 interprofessional sessions, 4 general sessions, and 8 special interest group meetings. The conference also had 2 additional general sessions on advocacy and trauma-informed care and more than 150 exhibitors.

Conference attendees... - Click to enlarge in new windowConference attendees used the session handouts provided on NANN's Web site to engage during sessions at the 2013 Annual Educational Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

We hope to see you at NANN's 30th Annual Educational Conference, September 10-13, 2014, in Phoenix for another educational, engaging, and inspiring conference.



NANN prides itself on being the primary source for educating neonatal nurses throughout their career. To maintain this status, NANN continues to provide accredited training and education through a variety of delivery systems and access to evidence-based resources that set the standards for practice.


In 2013, NANN successfully released the following products:


* CNENow! Anemia of Prematurity: To Transfuse or Not to Transfuse;


* CNENow! Gastroschisis: Overview and Management;


* Neonatal Developmental CareSpecialist designation (updated test and renewal process);


* Neonatal Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition (in collaboration with the American Nurses Association); and


* Infant Directed Oral Feeding for Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infants: Guideline for Practice.



NANN will continue to offer new and exciting products in 2014. Visit to learn more.



In 2013, NANN's online store was upgraded to make your online experience easier and more enjoyable. You may now search for products by name, type, and topic with ease. Filter by the areas you're interested in, such as clinical practice, developmental care, downloadable products, and more. You can even review products you've already purchased, and share important NANN products with your colleagues through your social media networks.


NANN hopes you will explore the new features at



Research is essential to drive the practice of neonatal nurses. NANN provides multiple avenues for members to conduct their research by offering educational grants for both the Annual Research Summit and the Small Grants Award Program.


Through an educational grant from Mead Johnson Nutrition, NANN held its 8th Annual Research Summit in April. The summit offered neonatal nurses with advanced practice degrees who are currently engaged in research or evidence-based practice projects an opportunity to present their research or projects in a peer setting. NANN extended this opportunity to 15 individuals.


NANN's small grants program provides an avenue for connecting those with little or no research background with experienced researchers to enhance their skills and promote the success of their research study or evidence-based practice project. In 2013, 4 small grants awarded to individuals who will present their findings at the 2016 Annual Educational Conference.


For more information regarding research, visit



With a new year come new goals and a financial WIG. NANN is excited for the upcoming year and will continue to be the primary resource for neonatal nurses by providing new products, including the Preemie Health Coalition discharge module, Baby Steps to Home. Baby Steps to Home provides a complete discharge pathway to standardize nurse and parent teaching regarding the baby's stay in the NICU and progress toward discharge. The module includes evidence-based nurse content and parent handouts with easy-to-understand explanation of their baby's condition. The module will be available at no cost on a microsite in early 2014.


NANN will continue to enhance available resources to shape neonatal nursing through excellence in practice, education, research, and professional development in 2014. To learn more about NANN, visit



NANN thanks those members who contributed their time and expertise to support NANN as volunteer members in 2013-with your help, anything is possible!