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  1. Engwall, Marie MNSc, CCNA, RNT
  2. Fridh, Isabell PhD, CCRN, RNT
  3. Bergbom, Ingegerd PhD, RNT
  4. Lindahl, Berit CCRN, RNT


The present study reports findings concerning light in an intensive care unit setting presented from 3 aspects, giving a wide view. The first part is a systematic review of intervention studies concerning cycled light compared with dim light/noncycled light. The findings showed that cycled light may be beneficial to preterm infant health. Second, a lighting intervention in the intensive care unit is presented, comparing and assessing experience of this lighting environment with that of an ordinary room. Significant differences were shown in hedonic tone, favoring the intervention environment. In the third part, measured illuminance, luminance, and irradiance values achieved in the lighting intervention room and ordinary room lighting are reported.