1. Shroff, Swati MD
  2. McCoy, Molly E. MPH
  3. Sherman, Bonnie J. PhD
  4. Bak, Sharon M. MPH
  5. Mandyam, Vasudev MD
  6. Battaglia, Tracy A. MD, MPH


Patient navigation (PN) has been used to improve breast cancer outcomes but has not been evaluated in resident practices. The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of PN in resident clinics to improve biennial screening mammography. All participants whose last screening mammogram was at 18 months or after received PN. Feasibility outcomes included practicality (ability to carry out intervention), effectiveness (ability of intervention to increase biennial screening mammography rates), and acceptability (resident satisfaction with PN). Despite difficulty contacting patients, we found PN improved screening mammography adherence in resident practices serving vulnerable populations. Adherence rates increased significantly postintervention. Residents reported interest in using PN in practice.