1. Berg, Gina M. PhD
  2. Hervey, Ashley M. MEd
  3. Basham-Saif, Angela RN
  4. Parsons, Deanna PA-C
  5. Acuna, David L. DO
  6. Lippoldt, Diana RN, MBA


Postresuscitation debriefings allow team members to reflect on performance and discuss areas for improvement. Pre-/postsurveys of trauma team members (physicians, mid-level practitioners, technicians, pharmacists, and nurses) were administered to evaluate the acceptability of debriefings and self-perceptions after multidisciplinary trauma resuscitations. After a 3-month trial period, improvements were observed in perceptions of psychological and patient safety, role on team, team communication, and acceptability of the debriefing initiative. Regrouping for a debriefing requires organizational change, which may be more easily assimilated if team members recognize the potential for process improvement and feel confident about success.