superficial burns of the hand, epidermal skin substitute, Suprathel, precut bandages



  1. Schiefer, Jennifer L MD
  2. Rahmanian-Schwarz, Afshin MD
  3. Schaller, Hans-Eberhard MD
  4. Manoli, Theodora MD


OBJECTIVE: The standard therapy to treat superficial partial-thickness burns of the hand involves the application of skin substitutes such as Suprathel (PolyMedics Innovations GmbH, Denkendorf, Germany), which reduce pain significantly, thus allowing a fast mobilization and leading to a quicker restoration of function. The aim of this study was to simplify the application of Suprathel by using new precut hand-shaped bandages.


METHODS: Suprathel sheets have been produced in precut hand shapes that can be applied on the palm or on the dorsum of the hand. During a 6-month study period, 24 patients were treated with Suprathel after a burn injury of the hand. Half the patients received standard Suprathel sheets, and half received the novel hand-shaped Suprathel. Application time and material waste were documented closely.


RESULTS: By using the Hand-Suprathel, application time was significantly reduced up to 80% compared with the standard rectangular Suprathel sheets. When the standard Suprathel sheet was reduced to the size and shape of the hand, approximately 40% of the material was discharged. In contrast, almost no material waste occurred by using Hand-Suprathel.


CONCLUSION: The use of the new Hand-Suprathel increases efficiency because of its convenient and faster application, as well as by reducing material waste.