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  1. Lopes, Paula Born MSc
  2. Pereira, Gleber PhD
  3. Martins de Souza, Douglas MSc
  4. Felix Rodacki, Andre Luiz PhD


The aim was to compare the effects of 12 weeks of strength and power training on peak torque, rate of torque development, and dynamic force in elderly people. Thirty-four elderly people were divided into strength training (ST) (n = 13; 67 +/- 10.2 years), power training (PT) (n = 10; 63.3 +/- 3 years), and control group (n = 11; 65 +/- 1.75 years). The 2-way analysis of variance showed that dynamic force of the ST and PT presented similar increase, but significantly different from control group to leg press (ST = 26%; PT = 24%), knee-extension (ST = 36%; PT = 23%), and knee flexion (ST = 23%; PT = 13%). However, the peak and rate of torque development did not change in both groups.