1. Loureiro, Ana Paula Cunha MSc
  2. Guarita-Souza, Luiz Cesar MD, PhD
  3. Lerdal, Anners PhD
  4. Langhammer, Birgitta PhD


Background: In recent years, poststroke fatigue has received attention for being considered a multidimensional construct and a common and debilitating complain.


Aims and Objectives: Review studies that can possibly determine the relationship between fatigue after stroke and physical activity and/or physical fitness.


Methods: Search was carried out using key words "stroke" and "physical activity, physical factors, physical fitness," and "fatigue." Data were synthesized narratively.


Results: Nineteen studies were included, which indicated that physical activity is negatively associated with a higher level of fatigue in some of them.


Conclusion: The association between poststroke fatigue and physical activity/fitness is still uncertain.