1. Rosenthal, Helen RN, CGRN

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Team Work

Back in May 2001, when life seemed rather complex but in retrospect was simpler, I was asked to write a commentary on teamwork. This came about because a group of SGNA members were sitting at a table talking about things that they do within their practice setting to stimulate teamwork and esprit de corps.


I want to fulfill my obligation; after all, a promise is a promise, but I am humbled at the thought. Teamwork has taken on a whole new meaning since September 11, 2001. We, as a nation and indeed a world, watched as groups of strangers came together to get a job done. The terrorists accomplished in a little over 1 hour what some of us have devoted large chunks of our life to. They brought out the best in us during a time that will go down in history as one of the worst.


We now have the models to follow. Let us not forget those who died as ordinary citizens and heroes, but also let us not forget those who have held out a helping hand by donating blood, sweat, tears, prayers, money, and love. This is what makes our country strong, but more important, this makes our world and us, as human beings, strong. We have seen the worst, but let us remember and celebrate the best.


Each of us now has some indelible picture etched in our mind. We have much work to do to make our world safe again. We have work to do to make our children and indeed adults feel safe again. I believe when I drive down a street that is lined with flags, or when I see a fundraiser being organized, that we can accomplish this and so much more. It will take teamwork, but I don't think anyone doubts that it will happen.


The events of September 11 will hopefully put into perspective the trials that we live with in our workplace each day. Let's take the lessons we have learned and put them into practice in our own lives, everyday. Teamwork isn't just a word or a concept, but a way of life. I usually end my commentaries by advising, "Take care of you," but today I would ask that you take care of you and those surrounding you!