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  1. Crimlisk, Janet T. MS, RNCS, NP
  2. McNulty, Michael J. MSM, RN
  3. Francione, Deborah A. AD


Nurse managers and nurse educators alike have historically discouraged hiring new graduate RNs into a float pool and have preferred experienced nurses with multiple clinical skills. With a nursing shortage and changing marketplace, we need different strategies for recruitment and retention and ways to improve our clinical practice. A new graduate RN offers a nursing service an opportunity to employ a motivated, ready-to-learn, educationally prepared and intellectually stimulated nurse who happens to have limited clinical experience. The authors present a program for training new graduate RNs to practice nursing in a float pool. The training program focuses on their clinical practice needs and on transitioning them to the RN role. This program resulted in a 96% retention rate. The program offered our medical surgical units a strong clinical support float nurse, our managers a staffing solution in times of need, and the new graduate RN a broad range of clinical experiences making them more valuable members of the healthcare team. This training model is one approach to increasing recruitment and retention and can be replicated in other institutions.