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This issue begins with a renewed look at primary care in the United Kingdom. Azeem Majeed, chair of Community Medicine at Imperial College in London and a member of the JACM editorial board, organized this series of articles. He lays out the challenges facing general practitioners, virtually the same we face in the United States. Abdalrahman, Pannett, and Easton's articles round out this miniseries of articles on health care delivery changes in the United Kingdom.


We continue our interest in programs that promote coordination of care with an article by Kamnetz followed later in this issue with separate articles by Tran and Wang. Thorpe's article on Big Data continues our interest in this evolving arena. Readmissions continue to be a flash point of debate, and Richard Fuller and his colleagues point out important challenges in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Readmission program. Coe's examination of the 2009-2010 National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey-Emergency Department data set (NHAMCS-ED) highlights the importance of homelessness as a risk factor, one that is typically not taken into account in many outcomes measures. The article by Marin highlights managerial challenges in the delivery of ambulatory care.


We continue our interest in snapshots in primary care with an article by Gene Nelson. We are expanding our regular commentaries to include a regular feature on digital technology and ambulatory care. We conclude with an urgent report from the Republic of Texas.


-Norbert I. Goldfield, MD