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I would imagine many people regard the Bible as a fairy tale of sorts or an embellished history book. After all, some of the events and people do not seem to fit well with human reality. The apostle Paul encountered many who did not believe that Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In the first century, Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God" (1 Corinthians 1:18, NIV). I'm thankful that followers of Jesus who started ministries like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA took the Bible seriously and have continued to believe it is uniquely divine, inspired by God, and completely trustworthy. The Bible serves as the guide and foundation for InterVarsity's purpose and vision to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

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From its very beginning, long before it became a focused ministry within InterVarsity, Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) shared this view of God's Holy Word and sought to help nurses, students, and educators see nursing through the lens of Scripture. Over many years, NCF staff and volunteer nurses have spent hundreds of hours in study and prayer to discover and document how the Bible informs the character of Christian nurses and the care they provide. These nurses trusted completely in Paul's words that "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16). Their classic works continue to influence the thought life and the practice of Christian nursing today. NCF's ongoing vision is to see students, nurses, and educators be transformed by the power of God, and to see nursing transformed as a result of God's work and Christian nurses' influence in the world.


In the 65-plus years since NCF has been a part of InterVarsity, ministry with students and nurses has changed dramatically, but the most important core aspects of NCF ministry have remained constant. Of significance is that God has faithfully provided for all of NCF's needs through the continued prayers, financial gifts, and many acts of service given by nurses, students, and friends like you. In addition, God has brought gifted, committed nurses and support staff to serve with NCF. All staff members have trusted God to provide for all they needed to fulfill their calling to this ministry, including financial support for their salaries and all ministry expenses. NCF staff members have shared the truths of God's Word and the love of Christ with students and nurses; they have prayed for them, cared for them, and taught them how to care for the whole person, including their spiritual needs. They have written Bible studies, books, and resources; published Journal of Christian Nursing; offered conferences and courses; developed web-based resources; and communicated with countless nurses, educators, and students to address their needs and offer the light and peace that only Jesus can bring.

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Healthcare is changing. Today's nursing graduates are facing a challenging future in nursing. But one thing never changes: our eternal and compassionate God! He is the source of hope, identity, peace, and ultimate health and wholeness-our true shalom. This is our message as Christian nurses. It's good news! That's why we are passionate about equipping nurses, students, and educators to be faithful followers of Jesus in nursing. Nurses who love Jesus and serve others have a special calling in our broken and pain-filled world.

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We believe God wants to continue to use NCF to draw MORE nurses and students to himself. Are you a student who is searching to understand why God allows suffering, or a nurse wanting to care for patients' spiritual needs in a respectful, ethical manner? Is God prompting you to bring your classmates together to explore the claims of Jesus, or do you want to help colleagues find God's peace and fulfillment in the midst of challenging work? Are you interested in serving with NCF as a volunteer or staff member who walks beside students and nurses to help guide them on their journey to integrate Christian faith with nursing and all of life?


Whatever your interest or need in nursing might be, consider becoming a part of NCF ministry. You can experience the powerful truth of God's Word just as the apostle Paul described. You can learn how to provide compassionate, Christ-like care to patients and friends, and you can join with others on this journey! We want to help you find your place in God's World. We want to encourage you in the opportunities you have to reflect the love of Jesus professionally and personally.


Take some time to explore NCF at to discover what we are about and what God might have for you. It's hard to capture here what God is doing in and through NCF on university campuses and in cities across the nation. Read moving, true stories in the NCF blog at about how nursing students are cared for in NCF groups, how students in turn reach out and meet the needs around them, how practicing nurses and educators seek God and support each other through NCF, and how Christian nurses are making a difference.


We also invite you to join with us in praying for the future of NCF. We see much opportunity before us, but our capacity to engage in new ministry is limited. NCF serves almost 100 student campus groups, over 25 community-based nurse groups, and over 1,450 members. Four thousand nurses subscribe to JCN directly, while more access the journal online from all over the world. Thousands receive our e-communications for spiritual and professional growth, and we respond to numerous emails and phone calls every week from nurses seeking information or direction for a problem or project.


But we want to see MORE students and nurses have the opportunity to know Christ and follow him. Pray that we will praise and serve God as King David did in Psalm 145, acknowledging that, "Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom." Ask God to provide NCF with new, vibrant staff and volunteers who can "commend God's work, the glorious splendor of his majesty, and his great deeds" to future generations of students and nurses. Ask him to provide more ministry partners who will help advance the work through prayer and financial support.


We thank God for all he has done to grow his kingdom, and we are excited about what he will do in the future!