beta 1 interferon, medication adherence, multiple sclerosis, patient satisfaction



  1. Freidel, Matthias
  2. Ortler, Sonja
  3. Fuchs, Alexander
  4. Seibert, Sabine
  5. Schuh, Katrin


Background: To gain full benefit from disease-modifying therapies such as interferon [beta]-1b, patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) need to adhere to treatment in the long term. Treatment adherence requires high patient satisfaction with treatment and care. Objectives: Our aim was to evaluate the satisfaction of patients with MS receiving interferon [beta]-1b Extavia with the patient care program Extracare. Efficacy and safety of treatment were evaluated as secondary objectives. Methods: In this prospective, noninterventional 1-year study, data on the satisfaction of 174 patients with MS with Extracare were obtained by questionnaires. Disability and symptom severity as well as patients' reported activity limitations, quality of life, and fatigue were recorded. Results: We observed high levels of patients' satisfaction with MS nurses, telephonic care, and information provided by Extracare (values <= 1.53 on a Likert scale ranging from 1 [very good] to 6 [insufficient]). Patient reported quality of life (Patient Reported Indices for MS QoL) improved from 11.82 +/- 11.36 at baseline to 9.74 +/- 10.94 at the end of the study (p = .02), whereas clinical parameters of disease progression remained unchanged. Rate of adverse events was as expected. Conclusions: This study provides the basis for further improvements of care programs to increase treatment adherence of patients with MS.