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  1. Grant, Cathy G. MPA
  2. Ramos, Roberto MEd
  3. Davis, Jenna L. MPH
  4. Green, B. Lee PhD


There is a need to implement evidence-based public health practice that integrates targeted and specific strategies and actions with community preferences to improve the health of populations. A community health needs assessment (CHNA) is vital to identifying the health concerns of communities, to learn about the factors that influence their health and the assets, resources, and challenges that impact those factors. It is required for tax-exempt entities to conduct a CHNA and adopt an implementation strategy to meet the identified community health needs. The goal of this article is to chart a pathway for health system leaders utilizing a CHNA process to address disparities in racial/ethnic groups and other medically underserved populations and to meet legal requirements. The efforts of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in developing its CHNA will be highlighted to provide clear evidence to health system leaders for why and how to conduct a thorough and compelling CHNA to meaningfully address health disparities locally and respond to longstanding historical health inequities at the health system level.