1. Gul, Asiye PhD
  2. Andsoy, Isil Isik PhD


Effectively dealing with earthquakes is especially important for the people who live in areas prone to earthquakes such as the country of Turkey. Trauma related to earthquakes has specific relevance to nursing practice. The purpose of this review was to describe the types of surgical interventions after the Marmara earthquake and to evaluate the implications for nursing care. English and Turkish articles about the Marmara earthquake were reviewed between May and July 2013. A total of 7 studies were evaluated. The number of patients admitted to the units, types of injuries, and surgical treatments were recorded, with a total of 2378 patients with earthquake-related injuries. The most commonly traumatized parts of the body were the extremities. Fasciotomy operations were performed on 286 patients and 75 patients underwent extremity amputations. Predetermining surgical problems and interventions may be useful in planning for possible future problems in the case of a disaster.