1. Jeffs, Lianne PhD, RN
  2. Doran, Diane PhD, RN, FCAHS
  3. Hayes, Laureen EdD, RN
  4. Mainville, Claude MScN, RN, CCNC
  5. VanDeVelde-Coke, Susan PhD, RN, MBA
  6. Lamont, Lori MPA, BN, RN
  7. Boal, Anne Sutherland MHSA, RN, BA


A qualitative study was undertaken to explore the perceptions and experiences of nurse leaders associated with their participation in the pilot testing of a national nursing database. Interviews with 18 participants were conducted and analyzed using a direct content analysis approach. Three themes emerged including selecting, accessing, and uploading indicators; using indicators and monitoring tools for improvement; and perceiving involvement as a catalyst. Study findings may inform quality improvement efforts in health care organizations.