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The article mentioned above contains inaccurate information regarding the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accreditation for nurse residency programs. The statement, "The standards are not generalizable outside of those organizations that use the UHC/AACN program, and the only organizations that achieve certification are those that are running the UHC/AACN program. This has left the vast majority of NRPs without a way to demonstrate their value and quality by becoming accredited," is not correct. To clarify, CCNE accredits entry-to-practice nurse residency programs in diverse healthcare organizations across the United States, and programs seeking CCNE accreditation are not required to use any particular curriculum model. CCNE values the diverse institutional perspectives of residency programs seeking accreditation and works collaboratively with applicants to foster innovation in these programs.


Additionally, the article refers to UHC as the "United Health Consortium," when in fact UHC is the University HealthSystem Consortium.


We regret these errors.


More information can be found at regarding CCNE's accreditation of nurse residency programs, including revisions to the accreditation standards (begun in 2014 and finalized in summer 2015) and the CCNE Board of Commissioner's expansion of the scope of accreditation to include nurse residency programs 1) serving all entry-to-practice nurses and 2) in all healthcare settings.




Hansen J. (2015). National accreditation standards for nurse residency programs, part 1. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 31 (5), 300-302.