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Chronically critically ill, Mobility, Progressive care, Workload



  1. Reames, Christina D. MS, RN, ACNS-BC
  2. Price, Deborah M. DNP, RN
  3. King, Elizabeth A. BSN
  4. Dickinson, Sharon MS, RN, BC-ANP, BC-CNS


The progressive care unit implemented an evidenced-based intensive care unit mobility protocol with their chronically critically ill patient population. The labor/workload necessary to meet mobility standards was an identified barrier to implementation. Workflow redesign of patient care technicians, interdisciplinary teamwork, and creating a culture of meeting mobility standards led to the successful implementation of this protocol. Data revealed that mobility episodes increased from 1.4 at preinitiative to 4.7 at 12 months postinitiative, surpassing the goal of 3 episodes per 24 hours.