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  1. Torregosa, Marivic B.
  2. Ynalvez, Marcus Antonius
  3. Schiffman, Rachel
  4. Morin, Karen

AIM: We examine how academic networks mediate between English-language proficiency and academic performance.


BACKGROUND: The relationship between English-language proficiency and academic performance remains inconclusive; it is possible that academic networks play a role in this relationship. Filling this knowledge gap is central to building best practices in teaching, and to evaluating the impact of networks on success.


METHOD: Data were analyzed from 164 Mexican American nursing students. We used English Language Acculturation Scale (ELAS) items as predictors, interaction with academic networks as the mediating variable, and course grade as the outcome; regression analyses were performed.


RESULTS: Interaction with academic networks correlated with grades; ELAS was not significant. Instead, academic networks mediated between entrance GPA and grades, an unexpected finding.


CONCLUSION: Academic networks are critical in academic performance. However, only those students who have a history of high performance are likely to have or to activate academic networks.