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  1. Jindo, Takashi MS
  2. Tsunoda, Kenji PhD
  3. Kitano, Naruki MS
  4. Tsuji, Taishi PhD
  5. Abe, Takumi BD
  6. Muraki, Toshiaki PhD
  7. Hotta, Kazushi PhD
  8. Okura, Tomohiro PhD


Background and Purpose: Pedometers are often used as motivational tools to increase physical activity. Hence, providing a pedometer during an exercise intervention may enhance the benefit of exercise on lower-extremity physical function (LEPF) by maintaining or increasing daily physical activity. The purpose of this study was to compare the effect on LEPF between an exercise intervention with and without the use of a pedometer.


Methods: The subjects of this study were 68 community-dwelling older adults (mean age: 70.0 +/- 3.6 years) in Kasama City, rural Japan. All subjects participated in a fall-prevention exercise program called square-stepping exercise (SSE) conducted once a week for 11 weeks. Participants were allocated to 2 groups: SSE with pedometer group (n = 34) and SSE without pedometer group (n = 34). We matched the participants of both groups by their standardized score of physical function tests. To ascertain the LEPF benefits induced by the exercise intervention, we measured 5 physical function tests: single-leg balance with eyes open, 5-repetition sit-to-stand, timed up and go, 5-m habitual walk, and choice stepping reaction time. We used a 2-way analysis of variance to confirm the interaction between the 2 groups.


Results: Significant group-by-time interactions were observed on timed up and go (P < .01) and 5-m habitual walk (P = .02); participants in the SSE with pedometer group enhanced their physical function more than the SSE without pedometer group participants.


Conclusions: This study suggests that providing a pedometer during an exercise intervention is an effective addition to an exercise program to improve LEPF.