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abuse, coping, neurology, nurse, patients and families



  1. Trahan, Roy L.
  2. Bishop, Sheryl L.


ABSTRACT: Objective: The objectives of this study were to assess incidence of verbal and physical abuse of neurology nurses, identify their coping strategies, and explore relationships between demographic characteristics, incidence, and coping strategies. Background: A 2011 U.S. Department of Justice survey found that average annual rates of nonfatal violent crime against nurses were greater than all occupations and identified nurses as having the highest percentage of workplace violence. Methods: A descriptive, exploratory research design utilizing an online survey of 112 neurology nurses in the United States was used for this study. Results: Results identified the presence of verbal and physical abuse against neurology nurses, avoidance coping strategies utilized, and gender differences on types of violence and effects of abuse. Conclusions: Administrative attention must address abuse of neurology nurses by patients and families and develop nursing practice that eliminates the use of avoidance as a way of dealing with this abuse.