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  1. Garcia, Daisy S. PhD, MSN


Hispanic/Latina women often fare poorly when attempting to access the health care that they need in the United States. Using an established criterion, this article analyzes the application of the health belief model (HBM), social cognitive theory (SCT), and health promotion model (HPM) in the context of Hispanic women's limited access to, and use of, health resources to promote their health. An individual's perceptions and the likelihood of taking action are the focus of HBM. SCT is regarded as important sociostructural and personal determinants in the regulation of human behavior. Finally, HPM centers on the unique characteristics and experiences of an individual that motivate him or her toward positive health behavior. The analysis suggests that HPM is a better fit to explore the relationship among sociocultural factors, lifestyle practices, and the positive perceived affect of Hispanic women engaging in healthy behaviors and utilizing health care in the United States. HPM can guide the design of both health-enhancing and disease-prevention strategies that specifically address Hispanic women's unique health needs.