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In the NACNS Newsletter1 published in the November/December 2016 issue, under the Affiliate News: California Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Betty Halvorson's name was omitted and another author's name was used instead. The announcement should have read:


Julie Semper and Betty Halvorson, CNSs from Torrance Memorial Medical Center, presented a poster, "Clinical Nurse Specialists Guide Staff Nurses to Promote Practice Accountability Through Peer Review" at UCLA's 15th Annual Research and Evidence-Based Practice Conference 2016, held September 20 and 21.


Halvorson was one of the investigators for a study on ICU visitation practices that was recently featured in Wall Street Journal ( The study was published in Critical Care in 2013 (


The Newsletter editor deeply regrets this error.




1. Horner S. NACNS newsletter. Clin Nurs Spec. 2016;30(6):309-312. [Context Link]