1. Cohen, Shelley RN, CEN, BS


Keep your staff up-to-date by posting changes to policies and procedures in your department.


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Nurse managers face a constant challenge to comply with all of the regulatory and facility policies, procedures, and requirements. However, imagine being the staff person who has to actually apply all of these during each shift he or she works. As a leader, you should not only identify and share these changes, but also recognize the challenge that your staff faces to maintain a working knowledge of this wealth of information. Demonstrate your recognition and willingness to provide tools to assist staff in staying up-to-date on compliance by posting all changes to policy and procedure in your department.


Areas of change may include:


[white diamond suit] JCAHO requirements


[white diamond suit] State Board of Nursing requirements


[white diamond suit] specialty area standards


[white diamond suit] State Health Department mandates


[white diamond suit] evidence-based outcomes that prompt procedure changes for medication administration


[white diamond suit] OSHA requirements.



Don't post the revised policy or procedure without giving your staff background information as to why the change was necessary, such as whether it was evidence-based, a state law change, or in the better interest of the patient.