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Several of my articles have been published in the Journal of Christian Nursing. In addition, an article regarding the provision of competent, culturally sensitive healthcare to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients was recently published in Nursing Management.


Shortly after these publications were released in January, an administrator of the college where I teach sent an email indicating he wanted to discuss the articles. I was anxious. However, I need not have been.


He had read my articles and was struck that the article about caring was submitted to a Christian nursing journal (Are We Losing the Calling to Care for Others, 34:1, p. 61), whereas the article on transgender was submitted to a secular journal. He felt perhaps I should strive to write a transgender story for a Christian journal. I was pleased, knowing that JCN covers a wide variety of healthcare issues and does not sidestep tough topics.


As an educator and an author, I am pleased to be associated with JCN.


Maureen Kroning


Nyack, NY


Editor's note: JCN strives to publish on tough and cutting-edge topics for nurses. See the PAP (Publish Ahead of Print) article, Using Reflective Practice to Understand LGBTQ Client Needs. A JCN online search will yield several articles addressing this sensitive and timely topic.



Dame Cicely Saunders's name was incorrectly spelled as "Cecily" in the January/March 2017 JCN in the article, "End-of-Life Nursing Education: Past and Present" (34:1, pp. 34-38) by Jocelyn D'Antonio. Saunders was the founder of the modern hospice movement beginning in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.


JCN apologizes for this oversight.



Have you used the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements in your nursing work? How has the Code helped guide or even protect your nursing actions? JCN is looking for examples of how our Code of Ethics is used by nurses, to be included as case examples in an upcoming article. Your name and information will remain confidential and anonymous. Email your comments to with the subject header: Code of Ethics.



The 40 years' duration Harvard Nurses Study is enrolling nurses born on or after 1/1/1965. The research data collected are published often and have enabled many practical recommendations to improve public health, especially for women. Visit for more details and an opportunity to participate in this significant research.



Nurses Christian Fellowship USA and the Nurses Christian Fellowship Caribbean and North America Region (NCFI CANA) are planning an exceptional regional conference to be held in the U.S. in 2018 at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California, July 19-22, 2018. The venue is outstanding, the speakers and sessions will be inspiring, and the cost will be affordable! Something for nurses, students, and educators will be offered, along with inspiring Bible teaching and fellowship.


Mark the dates on your calendar and watch JCN for more details about the conference in upcoming journal issues.



These and other events of interest to nurses can be found at under Save the Dates.


* The 2017 Annual Westberg Symposium will be held in five locations across the U.S. and one international location. See Westberg on the Road at for details.


* The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity presents Genetic & Reproductive Technologies, June 22-24, 2017, on the campus of Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois. Learn more at


* The Health Ministries Association Annual Meeting and Conference will be held at the St. Elizabeth Technical and Educational Center, Erlanger, Kentucky, September 11-13, 2017. Download a Save the Date flyer at



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