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When KFR Services, a family-owned business in its second generation of management, sought to expand its existing product line earlier this year, e-Presentations was a natural fit. KFR wanted to parlay its 25-year history of providing high-tech database and software design services for the telecommunications industry to a new and growing field. e-Presentations, creator of e-training solutions targeted to the healthcare industry, proved the ideal addition to KFR's existing family of products and services.


The extreme adaptability of e-Presentations makes it unique in the marketplace. Its flexible design allows hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations to decide between installing the system at their facility, or running it via the Internet. But perhaps most unique is the ability for clients who have already developed computerized training materials to load that existing content into the system quickly and easily. Whether course material was designed in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, audio or video files, or a wide variety of standard formats, e-Presentations can load existing information without costly, time-consuming reformatting. Once loaded, coursework can be assigned to users who are reminded to take required course material. Individual assignees are tracked to ensure completion of the material and tested on retention of the information. And supervisors can get at-a-glance statistics on compliance by department or individual user.


As the company grows, KFR's management team ensures that it continues to focus on supporting its clients with the small business, family approach that has been its cornerstone for a quarter-century. The addition of e-Presentations to the product line gives the company a new challenge to which it can now apply these strengths.


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Many educators and nursing staff development experts will recognize the name Tool Thyme for Trainers because of the many conferences at which we have exhibited, most notably the National Nursing Staff Development Organization Conventions. They are familiar with the fun pointers, balls to toss for review, and our assortment of creative products. We are also recognized for our line of reference books that help staff development experts overcome their challenges.


What most do not know is that we offer a variety of services also. Under the parent company, M. Deck and Associates, we provide hospitals, organizations, and corporations with professional speakers for keynote sessions, learning sessions, corporate retreats, conferences, and workshops. These educational programs are customized for the clients' particular needs and contain high involvement learning activities that deliver effective results. They are innovative and energetic, with an emphasis on the participant.


This unique combination of products and services gives clients a single source for creative presentation tools and the learning methodologies to successfully use these products. Our goal is to provide the tools you need and the skills that are required to achieve wildly successful inservice education results.


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Medical Plastics Laboratory (MPL), a proud member of the Laerdal family, has been manufacturing and distributing quality healthcare training products for over 50 years. Brothers in medicine, the late Drs. O.W. and E.E. Lowrey joined forces with Dr. Thomas Willams in 1949 in an effort to create the quality of a natural bone skeleton in the process of plastic modeling. The physicians crafted the world's first plastic skeleton - cast bone-by-bone from models of their last available actual-bone skeleton. From skeletons to anatomical models, our founders built an enviable reputation for products of outstanding quality.


Since that time, it has been a step-by-step process to research and develop the finest authentic reproductions available on the market. MPL has consistently remained a leader in the professional health education industry. By introducing new models and upgrades for our existing product line, we help meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare professions.


Over the years, MPL expanded its product line to include three-dimensional anatomical models for all areas of study and medical education training. After creating a niche in the market, MPL broadened its product line to include life-size manikins. These versatile manikins can be catheterized, intubated, injected, irrigated, ventilated, wrapped, and bandaged by students studying CPR, anesthesia, nursing, EMS, and everything in between.


And now, MPL, in conjunction with Laerdal, scores another first with the introduction of two new patient simulators: Laerdal SimMan, Universal Patient Simulator and Laerdal AirMan, Difficult Airway Simulator. They are the first portable patient simulators created specifically for Nursing, Anesthetics, Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), military, critical care, and EMS.


Laerdal/MPL is also happy to announce a new concept in the healthcare education industry- the Create-a-Lab(TM) concept. It brings together all elements needed to fill a dedicated space with the most advanced, comprehensive training equipment and products available today. We can help you create the lab of your dreams. It's a service we provide for you, our customers!


Laerdal/MPL-Your Total Training Solution!


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Call for Manuscripts

The Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD) is written by and for staff development specialists. Original articles focus on issues that influence staff development. JNSD is looking for manuscripts on the following topics:


* Infectious diseases


* Nutritional support


* Long-term care


* End-of-life care


* Trends in nursing


* Geriatric and pediatric nursing


* Ambulatory care


* Nursing interventions


* Women's health


* New methods of cost effectiveness


* Computer technology


* Career development


* Benchmarking


* Effective management


* Best practices


* Improving quality of care


* Program development



The journal also is looking for the "how tos'' of staff development for novice staff development educators. These stories describe personal experiences from which others can learn-what to do and what not to do!


For assistance in developing an idea or writing a manuscript, contact the Editor, Belinda Puetz, at 7794 Grow Drive, Pensacola, FL 32514, (850) 484-9987, fax (850) 484-8762, or e-mail: We're eager to hear from you!