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The 2003 NP of the Year award honors excellence in 1 of 3 categories: education, community service, or clinical practice. The NP of the Year will receive a $500 cash award, $500 toward expenses incurred while attending the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners (NCNP), and free NCNP registration. The award will be announced in the November 2003 issue of The Nurse Practitioner and presented at the NCNP in Baltimore, Md., November 12-15, 2003.


Who is eligible?

Eligible nominees include NPs who have made significant contributions to the NP field. The contribution must (1) affect a substantial number of people, (2) be unique, (3) enhance the NP profession, (4) contribute to new knowledge or practice, (5) have gained wide media attention, or (6) have substantial political impact or merit.


How do I nominate someone or myself?

To nominate someone or yourself, send the following information:


1. A 2-page curriculum vitae containing the nominee's name, address, and phone number, as well as a summary of the nominee's education, work history, research involvement, awards, publications, and professional accomplishments.


2. A 2-page essay describing the nominee's qualifications and how the nominee excels in one of the areas mentioned above.


3. Two forms of documentation of merit (such as newspaper articles, colleague recommendations, or a copy of outstanding publications).


4. The release form below, signed by the nominee.



Where do I send entries?

Mail all entries to The Nurse Practitioner. The NP of the Year, 1111 Bethlehem Pike, PO Box 908, Springhouse, PA 19477-0908. We must receive entries by 5 p.m. September 5, 2003.



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