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Dear Readers,

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This month we celebrate National Nursing Assistant week from June 15 to June 22. Can you imagine home care without these devoted, hardworking team members? Where would we be without their tender, loving contribution to patient care? I asked the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNS) Partners in Care Home Health Aide division to share some samples of the many letters they receive from grateful patients and family members. Here are just a few of the most recent.


Andrea Gordon

To Whom It May Concern:

My mother was a patient of VNS since October 2012 after her surgery for colon cancer. She was nearing 92 years old at that time when she was approved for long-term home care. Andrea Gordon was assigned to her case in 2012. In spite of their 60+ year age difference, they made an instant connection. Andrea made mom feel safe and confident in her own home. In addition to being a skilled caregiver, Andrea was always attentive, respectful, and keenly aware of mom's needs and preferences. They appreciated each other's sense of humor and sense of family. They watched the news together and discussed current events, entertainment news and enjoyed talk shows as well as game shows.


Andrea was rarely absent or late for work regardless of the weather. She often filled-in when others could not make their shift or when we needed extra help. Andrea quickly became a part of our family and honored mom as she would her own mother. She encouraged mom to make all of the daily decisions regarding her outfits, food choices, and other activities. Andrea's health consciousness positively influenced mom's eating habits as she began to enjoy more fruit, yogurt, and other natural foods in addition to her favorite chocolates.


My mother was very well cared for from 2012 until her passing in December 2016. Understandably, the caregiving became more challenging as the time progressed, especially during her final year. Andrea was able to rise to the demands of the job and always made mom feel important and respected. I appreciated the kind dependable care Andrea Gordon provided for my mother and would recommend her for employment.


Cherita Solomon and Mrs. Dubaney Spence

This note is just to let you know how grateful I am for two of your hardworking home health aides, Mrs. Cherita Solomon and Mrs. Dubaney Spence. They both had taken very good care of my late uncle for about 4 years each. They kept him clean, warm, dry, well fed, and were company for him as well. They made sure his clothing, cooking utensils, towels, and surrounding environment in his home were clean also. They treated him like family of their own, and I have a few photos of each of those wonderful ladies with my uncle. They deserve a raise because of their conscientious attention to their work.


In conclusion, I commend Cherita Solomon and Dubaney Spence, and I would like my letter to go into their files to testify to their outstanding service. I will never forget either of these outstanding ladies.


Joanne Carter

I want to commend Joanne Carter, the aide you assigned to me after my recent discharge from the hospital. She is a particularly lovely and helpful young woman and I couldn't have been more pleased with her services. She was always punctual, eager to help, and I would happily recommend her to other clients. I wish I had need of her services longer.


Cherry Allen

On behalf of the entire family, all 23 of us, I am writing to praise the outstanding work that Cherry Allen provides in caring for our mother. Not only does Cherry fulfill the job description prescribed by Partners with excellence, but she goes far beyond that. To name a few things, she cooks, cleans, does laundry, toilet care, dressing, and feeding. She runs errands before work, takes trips to the doctor, and more. Most impressively, Cherry anticipates our mother's every need. She analyzes her deteriorating condition and modifies her routine to adjust to mom's needs. Cherry helps keep our mom calm and relaxed. She treats our mom with dignity and respect along with tenderness and undivided attention. Cherry makes her laugh. She works hard. She is reliable. Mom calls Cherry her fifth child, even though there are only four of us, and I call her my "sister from another mother"! Cherry is prompt, prepared, and she's always there. Cherry puts our mom's needs above her own. No amount of money could ever pay for the devoted and exemplary care and service that Cherry provides. The entire family is in debt and grateful to Cherry and blessed to have this Godly woman in our lives.


Happy Nursing Assistant week to all, especially Andrea Gordon, Cherita Solomon, Mrs. Dubaney Spence, Joanne Carter, and Cherry Allen who represent all home health aides in such a positive way!


Best wishes,

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