1. Miracle, Vickie RN, EdD, CCRN, CCNS, CCRC, Editor, DCCN

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This, to your relief, is a short editorial as well as a smaller than usual issue of DCCN. This is because of a fall by a klutzy editor that resulted in broken bones in the left hand and wrist and several sprained tendons and ligaments in the right wrist. I have always been a klutz. My friends truly believe I will be killed in a bizarre accident, such as a falling piano landing on my head.


Enough about my clumsiness-the pen may explode in my hand.


We all know about the nursing shortage. We've been browbeaten about possible causes and supposed cures. Many educated professionals cannot find jobs in the areas of their college degrees. My daughter graduated from the University of Kentucky on May 10. I worry about her finding a job in political science, but I must remain as positive as possible.


Several schools of nursing are trying different options to increase enrollment for nursing.


I recently taught a research seminar class for "RN as a second degree" students. Although I was hesitant at first, it turned out to be a great experience. I taught the seminar class at the Bellarmine University Allan and Donna Lansing School of Nursing and Allied Health. This was the first year for the program for second-degree students.


I had about 30 students. All had various degrees-in sociology, psychology, physics, biology, and a few other areas. All either had no jobs in their degree areas or wanted a change. They were eager to become nurses as soon as possible. They graduated May 10, and most already have jobs. They were even excited about nursing research. I looked forward to every class and missed it sorely when it was over. Fortunately, we will be able to add these eager students to our ranks soon. We need more like these. I felt better about the future of nursing after teaching the class and working with them as colleagues. As good luck would have it, I am going to teach the same class in the fall.


This group gives me hope for our future. I know several methods are currently being used to increase enrollment in nursing schools. Enrolling professionals in schools for an RN as a second degree seems like a great idea now. Only time will tell. Now, if someone could cure my clumsiness, I would be the happiest person on earth!


On to a second subject-DCCN is looking for manuscripts. I realize we all are busy, but we all have knowledge to share. If you are interested in publishing, please let me know. I can help you or pair you with a mentor. I need all the help I can get while I am unable to act as an editor efficiently. The time to publish is now.


Please offer to help write-and watch for falling pianos.