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  1. Perrigino, Matthew B. BBA
  2. Dunford, Benjamin B. PhD
  3. Vermace, Beverly J. MSN, RN
  4. Tucker, Sharon J. PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
  5. Rempher, Kenneth J. PhD, MBA, RN, CENP


Previous studies demonstrate that age and receptiveness to new technologies tend to be negatively correlated. Using data from a sample of 311 nurses in a large teaching hospital in the midwestern United States, this study sought to determine whether age predicted satisfaction perceptions of infusion pump technology. Hierarchical regression indicated that the relationship between age and infusion pump satisfaction was not statistically significant, but it also revealed interesting moderation effects. When perceived support for infusion pump use was low, age was negatively related to infusion pump satisfaction. However, when perceived support was high, age was positively related to infusion pump satisfaction.