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Academic-Practice Partnerships, Future of Nursing, Nursing Education, Seamless Academic Models



  1. Sharpnack, Patricia A.
  2. Drennen, Carol
  3. Bowles, Wendy
  4. Koffel, Chris
  5. Salvador, Diane
  6. Didion, Judy


AIM: The Ohio Action Coalition was formed to address the key recommendations of the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing report.


BACKGROUND: The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action is a national initiative to guide implementation of the recommendations in the Future of Nursing report.


METHOD: Through statewide meetings, leaders from nursing education and practice adopted a statewide competency model. Regional teams provided detailed regional gap analyses using the Ohio Nurse Competency Model and address the Institute of Medicine's foundational pillar that nurses should achieve higher levels of education.


RESULTS: Communication among baccalaureate and community colleges and nursing practice has increased statewide as a result of this collaborative project. The teams are committed to exploring ways to standardize and develop adaptable seamless academic progression models for implementation across communities.


CONCLUSION: Ultimately, the goal is to positively impact the academic preparation of the Ohio nursing workforce.