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Academic Progression, Statewide Collaboration, Concept-Based Nursing Curriculum, Nursing Education



  1. Anderson, Jennifer
  2. Wells, Kathy
  3. Mather, Charlotte
  4. Burman, Mary E.


AIM: The aim of the study was to describe Wyoming's approach to academic progression and its projected impact. The collaborative process used to develop the shared statewide BSN curriculum is described along with recommendations.


BACKGROUND: Successful educational models that address the Institute of Medicine's recommendation that 80 percent of RNs have a baccalaureate degree by 2020 face numerous challenges, especially in rural states.


METHOD: ReNEW (Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming) is a creative solution designed to decrease barriers to BSN education and increase motivation through a streamlined shared curriculum building on a strong community college system and the state's one BSN program.


CONCLUSION: Guiding principles, especially addressing the value of both ADN and BSN education, broad-based coalition development and maintenance, statewide structure, and ongoing funding, were keys to success.