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Medline Industries

Arglaes Powder. Ideal for use on difficult-to-dress exudating wounds, Arglaes Powder offers more versatile applications than traditional dressings to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria in deep, hard-to-treat wounds. Because it is in powder form, Arglaes Powder delivers controlled-release antimicrobial silver to wounds of any size, shape, or depth. This technology creates a barrier environment hostile to most known bacteria and fungi, but remains safe for healthy cells. In addition, Arglaes Powder contains alginate to aid in fluid handling. As the powder mixes with wound exudate, it turns into a gel that adheres to the wound bed and is easily removed during wound irrigation.


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Vacuum Assisted Closure (V.A.C.) Advanced Therapy System (ATS). Ideal for heavily exudating wounds, V.A.C. ATS has an "intensity" feature that enables the unit to draw larger dressings down more quickly and includes a larger-volume canister (500 mL). The system helps with pain management by allowing the caregiver to customize the therapy to individual patient needs with KCI's patented therapeutic regulated accurate care (T.R.A.C.) technology, which monitors and maintains target pressure. The system also uses the new T.R.A.C. Pad, allowing for simple, efficient dressing changes. The new model has touch screen operation and an on-screen help guide for users.


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Kimberly-Clark Corporation

FOAM CARE Cleansing Systems. Joining the company's professional line of skin care products, FOAM CARE is a full line of protective cleanser systems, including skin cleansers in 1-liter and 500-mL formats, hand- or color-coded foot-pump dispensers, and related accessories. Products in the line include antimicrobial surgical hand scrubs (with a wide variety of formulas and active ingredients) and antimicrobial skin cleansers (featuring PCMX or triclosan as active ingredients).


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3M Health Care

Tegaderm IV Dressings (No. 1610 and 1655). These new dressings are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the most challenging IV site applications. Tegaderm IV Dressing Catalog Number 1610 is designed as a pediatric IV dressing, offering superior site protection and catheter security. Tegaderm IV Transparent Dressing Catalog Number 1655 is designed as a universal central catheter site dressing and is well suited for many common central catheter site dressing applications, including jugular, subclavian, and some PICC lines. The unique design of the dressings incorporates a soft-cloth, reinforced-notch design for a better seal and reduced edge-lift around the catheter. Two sterile tape strips secure the catheter hub and/or tubing.


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