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  1. Firestone-Howard, Blaney DNP, RN, MHA, CMSRN
  2. Zedreck Gonzalez, Judith F. DNP, MPM, NEA-BC
  3. Dudjak, Linda A. PhD, RN
  4. Ren, Dianxu MD, PhD
  5. Rader, Sandra DNP, RN, MSA, NEA-B


In response to nurses' concerns of equity and satisfaction with patient assignments in a pulmonary medicine unit, a Patient Acuity Tool (PAT) was implemented. The impact of the PAT on nurse satisfaction and perceived equity of patient assignments was measured using a pre-/postsurvey design. Findings of the investigation indicate that a PAT supports nurse satisfaction and equity. In addition, qualitative data suggested that the PAT improved perceived professional autonomy and nurse-to-nurse communication.