1. Mazzarin, Camila Monteiro BS
  2. Valderramas, Silvia Regina PhD
  3. de Paula Ferreira, Manoela MD
  4. Tiepolo, Eleonora BS
  5. Guerios, Lara PhD
  6. Parisotto, Daniele MD
  7. Israel, Vera Lucia PhD


Introduction: Parkinson disease has symptoms that can be reduced by integrative therapy.


Objective: To verify the integrative therapy effects with motion mobility, balance, and agility in people with Parkinson disease.


Methods: A systematic review with meta-analysis was performed for randomized, nonrandomized, and semirandomized controlled trials.


Results: A total of 122 studies were found, with 9 being selected, for people with Parkinson disease. The intervention varied from 2 weeks to 12 months, with dance and Tai Chi.


Conclusion: The dance and Tai Chi brought no significant differences in balance and agility. Tai Chi improved mobility compared with other therapies.