1. Lenz, Janelle R. PharmD
  2. Degnan, Daniel D. PharmD, MS, CPPS, FASHP
  3. Hertig, John B. PharmD, MS, CPPS
  4. Stevenson, James G. PharmD, FASHP


In 2015, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) released safe practice guidelines for adult intravenous (IV) push medications. ISMP's most recent set of guidelines has added to a growing list of recommendations from professional groups on the safe use of IV medications. These recommendations and guidelines vary with regard to their audience, scope, and terminology. In some ways, these variations may contribute to confusion and delayed adoption of the standards. This report attempts to provide clarity about the rationale and background regarding the need for practice improvement, discussion of various guidelines, and practice mitigation strategies to improve patient safety.