1. Wierenga, Mary PhD, RN

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Conversations in E-Learning


Edited by Diane M. Billings. Pensacola, Fla. Pohl Publishing, 2002. $28. ISBN 0-9717499-1-4.


This book presents excellent information and guidance for individuals interested in teaching an online staff development, academic, or continuing education course. The presentations start with information about platforms, emphasizes the pedagogy of online learning, and ends with evaluation and legal/ethical issues. This is an excellent resource for anyone preparing to teach online courses.


The purpose of the book is to familiarize those new or with limited experience to online education and to serve as a quick reference to all who teach online. The organization of the book is clear and easy to follow. The chapters follow the process of developing an online community, designing, implementing, and evaluating courses, and include helpful ideas for teaching online. The format is question and answer, which makes it very easy to find information on specific topics. This book has several strengths. Specifically, the authors help the reader to start from the beginning and learn the basic information for presenting an online course. More important, the major content of the book is centered on how to teach effectively online. Finally, the clear definition of terms and their usability are very helpful.


This is a rapidly developing but new area. The information presented is new and there are not many references for nursing in this area. There is little competition on this topic in nursing. This well-written book is very well organized. The core content is presented in a logical development of the skills needed to offer a course online.


Graphics and tables are clear and support the text. The index and glossary are easy to use and complete. The level is directed toward novices to those with some experience with online education. The quick index format makes looking up a specific topic very easy. This book provides information on teaching an online course but assumes some basic knowledge of computers and security of Internet work. This book will be helpful for the CNS/ANP and graduate students who want to offer a staff development or continuing education program online.