1. Bertulfo, Joseph MPH, ARNP, MS

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We know our profession has a tendency to "eat its young" by belittling those who seek advanced degrees or sabotaging those who pursue administrative posts (Professional Development, October 2003). As a male in a predominantly female profession, I entered the lion's den, knowing my presence would be questioned. To complicate things further, I was a male nurse in a labor and delivery department.


I advise new graduates not to turn their backs on nursing. Nurses are highly sought professionals within health care and there are employers who respect nurses for their knowledge and for the profession's legacy of caring. I've been an RN for more than 10 years and a nurse practitioner for three, and my services have always been in demand in both hospital and managed care settings.


Every nurse has an opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling career. So can you.


Joseph Bertulfo, MPH, ARNP, MS