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* "I think about the new grad nurses I have precepted and how they enter a patient room in an end-of-life situation with a trepidation that may never fully dissipate, no matter how many times as nurses they find themselves in that situation," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "Integrating Strong Emotions as a Developing Nurse" (


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"All the science in the world will not sway a person with strong beliefs." "I always find some curious comfort in hearing other even more experienced nurses than me on my unit tell me that they still feel nervous, and/or that they still wrestle with grief over our patients even after 15-20+ years. It gives me hope that we are not all destined to become hardened in the heart out of self-preservation." "Sometimes when I send patients home I'm so worried about how they will manage their care. Especially when they're on a ton of new medicines and I know they will not be able to afford them."




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* Mary Beth Flynn Makic, coauthor of "Managing Sepsis and Septic Shock: Current Guidelines and Definitions."


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