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Nursing education, Nursing students, Pilot study, Virtual simulation



  1. Wright, Renee R. EdD, RN
  2. Tinnon, Elizabeth A. PhD, RN, CNE
  3. Newton, Rebecca H. DNP, RN, CHSE


Virtual simulation technology is the next step in using simulation as an accepted teaching-learning pedagogy in nursing. The purpose of this multisite, quasi-experimental, three-group, posttest-only design was to evaluate the effectiveness and participant satisfaction of vSim for Nursing in an Adult Health Nursing course. Although the quantitative findings (examination scores and postsimulation scores) were not statistically significant, participants overwhelmingly found vSim for Nursing to be a positive experiential learning endeavor. Ninety-one percent of the participants (n = 61) indicated that vSim for Nursing helped them understand adult health concepts and that vSim for Nursing was beneficial to learning. vSim for Nursing warrants further investigation, using other methods to measure effectiveness to ascertain whether knowledge acquisition is indeed improved as indicated by participant data in this study.