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Hello, everyone! I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of the Nursing2018 Critical Care team. We have lots of exciting content planned for the rest of 2018. I look forward to sharing important clinical information with you in the months ahead, as well as hearing your feedback about the journal. Share your thoughts on our content by sending me an e-mail at mailto:[email protected].

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Just as the warm spring air breathes a fresh burst of life into nature, we too feel invigorated to try something new this time of year. Are you ready to take on a new challenge at work or add a new skillset to your resume? Now is a great time to pursue a new certification or transfer to that new unit you've been interested in.


Our content this month has lots of information to help you grow in your career. This issue's Tech Talk (p. 42) explores the growing field of tele-ICU nursing, where nurses use technology to remotely assess 30 to 40 patients per shift. Learn how this new subspecialty uses technology and efficient surveillance techniques to reduce adverse events in critically ill patients. Could a career in the tele-ICU be right for you?


One of our features covers Gender confirmation surgery: Critical considerations (p. 32). As more Americans elect to undergo gender confirmation surgery, many healthcare professionals require more training on these procedures and their potential complications. Are you sufficiently informed to properly care for this patient population? The article also includes a review of important terminology and educational resources.


Vasoactive agents in shock (p. 6) and Multimodal analgesia in critical care (p. 18) might not be new to you, but now is a good time for a refresher. Review what critical care nurses need to know about vasoactive drugs, such as vasopressors and inotropes. Additionally, learn why scientific evidence is increasingly promoting multimodal analgesia as the preferred way to manage pain.


Whatever new challenge you choose to tackle, face it with confidence. Growing in our careers can sometimes feel intimidating, but once you take the plunge, you will be so glad you did. Spring is finally here, and it's time for something new!


Haley McKinney

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