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Medi-Flex Chloraprep One-Step

ChloraPrep One-Step (chlorhexidine gluconate 2% and isopropyl alcohol 70%), a new commercial antiseptic from Medi-Flex Hospital Products, Inc., has been proven to significantly reduce the number of microorganisms on intact skin. Although 2% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol have been used commonly for more than four decades in Europe and other parts of the world, ChloraPrep is the first patient preoperative skin preparation with this antiseptic combination to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. ChloraPrep is packaged in a unique, wing-shaped delivery device that provides a simple, one-step application. Engineered to keep clinician's hands away from the preparation site, the applicator facilitates aseptic preparation of the patient's skin. For more information, contact Natalie Lutz at (816) 960-3106 or visit the Web site at FIGURE

Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure 1. Medi-Flex Chloraprep One-Step
Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure 1. Kawasumi Laboratories Non-DEPH PVC Fluid Path IV Administration Set

Kawasumi Laboratories Non-DEPH PVC Fluid Path IV Administration Set

The intravenous administration of DEHP-sensitive chemotherapy drugs can now be done through a safe and cost-effective gravity IV administration set available from Kawasumi Laboratories. The Kawasumi non-DEPH PVC fluid path IV administration set with preattached 0.2 micron filter is a single-use, sterile device designed for the administration of IV solutions sensitive to DEHP PVC materials. The IV administration set's non-DEHP fluid path includes the tubing, drip chamber, and all other plastic components. The latex-free sets are available with a vented spike, roller clamp, and rotating male Luer-Lok connector. Produced under the strictest GMP and Food and Drug Administration standards to ensure safety and reliability, Kawasumi products are affordably priced for today's cost-conscious healthcare environment. For additional details or to request samples, call (800) KAWASUMI (529-2786).


Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc., Training For Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal nurse consulting gives nurses the opportunity to apply their nursing and clinical knowledge to legal cases involving medical malpractice and health-related issues. Nurses consult with attorneys on areas such as defining standards of care, reviewing and summarizing medical records, and analyzing testimony. The field allows nurses to work in a professional legal environment with flexible hours and fees ranging from $60 to $150 an hour. Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc. has trained more than 20,000 legal nurse consultants since the company was founded in 1985. Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD, the president and founder of the company, worked as a critical care nurse for 6 years before becoming a successful legal nurse consultant. Her courses provide thorough training and the nationally recognized CLNC certification for nurses considering this career change. From how to analyze cases and write reports to how to market consulting services and set up a home office, Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc. provides nurses the tools they need to be successful. For more information, call (800) 880-0944 or visit