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Spring is almost here, and that means the Infusion Nurses Society Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition is right around the corner. This May, hundreds of infusion professionals like you will head to Phoenix, Arizona to network with colleagues and faculty, manufacturers, and the INS Board of Directors. During the Industrial Exhibition portion of the Meeting, you can interact with commercial manufacturers who can bring you up to speed on the latest technology, research, products, and services.


The benefits of attending an INS Annual Meeting are almost boundless. At the core of the Meeting are high quality educational programs presented by speakers who are experts in their respective fields. The presentations, which qualify for continuing education units, cover everything from basic knowledge for the new infusion nurse to intermediate and advanced topics for veterans of the specialty. For those who plan to take the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) exam, a workshop will be provided to assist the candidates in preparing for the exam. CRNIs will be able to earn recertification units by attending the educational programs. All of the programs focus on timely issues and are designed to address the nine core content areas covered in the CRNI certification exam.


Beyond the core content areas, special focus tracks are provided to enhance the scope of educational opportunities. Home infusion practice and professional development were identified as topics for this year's focus sessions. Speakers use varied formats to accommodate different learning styles and keep attendees challenged: There are general sessions, skills, workshops, interactive sessions, and roundtable discussions, as well as posters and abstract presentations.


INS will take time out during the Meeting to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of our infusion professionals. The prestigious awards, Member of the Year from INS and CRNI of the Year from the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation, will be presented to the deserving recipients. The Gardner Foundation will announce the award winners of its scholarships and grants given annually in keeping with its mission to fund continuing education and research.


If you'd like to offer your own expertise at the Meeting, I encourage you to become a speaker. This is a great way to share your knowledge of infusion therapy and clinical research. Many Annual Meeting speakers publish manuscripts based on their presentations in the Journal of Infusion Nursing. Publishing in the Journal is a way to offer your work to a wider audience and gain recognition from your peers. The information disseminated through the Journal can reach more than just those who attended the meeting. And remember that publishing your research is intrumental in changing clinical practices and advancing the specialty.


The INS Annual Meeting is one of the best ways to meet the goal of lifelong learning. As infusion nurses, it is imperative that we stay abreast of new technology and infusion practices, and expand our knowledge base through state-of-the-art infusion care. As a way to promote better quality of care, the Annual Meeting will help you articulate a leadership vision of infusion care and apply the focus to everyday practice. Your attendance also can have an effect on patient care as it leads to better skills and improved clinical knowledge. You'll leave the meeting feeling energized and motivated to go back to your institution armed with new knowledge to offer your patients and your peers. This is your opportunity to participate in a truly fruitful educational experience. We hope to see you in Phoenix!



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