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Biopatch Antimicrobial Dressing Proven to Reduce Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection by 60%

FDA Recognizes Label Change Based On New Data

Johnson & Johnson Wound Management, a division of Ethicon, announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared new labeling for Biopatch Antimicrobial Dressing that recognizes its efficacy in reducing blood stream infections due to central venous or arterial catheter infection. A controlled, randomized study of 687 patients showed that Biopatch Antimicrobial Dressing reduced the incidence of catheter-related blood stream infections (CR-BSI) by 60% (P = .026) and reduced the incidence of local infection by 44% (P = .0001).


With the new labeling, Biopatch Antimicrobial Dressing is indicated for absorbing exudate and reducing local infections, CR-BSI and skin colonization of microorganisms commonly related to CR-BSI, in patients with central venous or arterial catheters.


The dressing is treated with chlorhexidine gluconate, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and anti-fungal agent, that is released for up to 7 days. When applied to a central venous catheter (CVC) site, the dressing helps reduce catheter tip colonization and bloodstream infection. In addition, the dressing can absorb up to eight times its own weight in fluid and provides a 1-inch zone of inhibition from the insertion site.



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For more information, contact Amy Firsching at (908) 218-2783 or e-mail [email protected].


Precision Dynamics Corporation's Resuable and Disposable Aprons Provide Clean and Convnient Protection

Precision Dynamics offers clinicians a reusable or disposable apron that wipes clean with a damp cloth and is constructed from stainproof, waterproof, and combustion-proof materials. Vinyl ties and neckbands are permanently welded to the apron. The reusable apron comes in various material thicknesses and are available in cases of 12. The full-size apron measures 27 x 42 inches. The disposable apron is constructed from Plastyne, a 4.5-mm polyethylene material. Each apron is individually folded and packaged 144 per case. The apron measures 28 x 45 inches with 18-inch ties. For more information, contact Trish Ostroski at (800) 847-0670, or [email protected].


Skyscape and F. A. Davis Partnership Brings Medical and Nursing References to the Handheld Market

Medical publishers F.A. Davis recently announced a partnership with Skyscape, a leader in software solutions for the medical community. Together, the companies plan to offer leading medical and nursing reference works onto the Palm OS and Windows CE/PocketPC Platforms. Healthcare professionals and students will be able to draw on the immense resources of Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses through their personal digital assistants (PDAs). Taber's for the handheld is one of the most comprehensive information resources for nursing and allied health professionals, and contains over 50,000 accurate and up-to-date terms.


DrugGuide is a detailed, up-to-date, practical resource for Palm OS, Windows CE, and PocketPC handheld devices. DrugGuide is a regularly updated drug guide that includes more than 5000 trade and generic drugs, nearly 140 drug classifications, more than 1000 drug monographs, and 700 commonly used combination drugs, including the dosage amount of the active generic ingredient. For more information about this new technology, please contact Greg Hassell at Skyscape by calling (978) 562-5555, or e-mail [email protected]. You can also contact Bruce T. Craven at F.A. Davis by calling (401) 849-3533 or e-mail [email protected].