1. Hedrick, Carolyn MSN, CRNI


The CRNI Certification Examination consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering the nine core content areas of infusion nursing: Technology and Clinical Applications, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance, Pharmacology, Infection Control, Pediatrics, Transfusion Therapy, Antineoplastic Therapy, Parenteral Nutrition, and Quality Assurance. The review questions provided below are modeled on the CRNI exam and are intended to help exam candidates test their knowledge of infusion therapy practice. This special section is a regular addition to the Journal of Infusion Nursing, with each edition focusing on a single content area.


Nothing can be more anxiety provoking to a nurse than to be asked to initiate infusion therapy on an infant or a child. However, it is important to remember that this treatment may be the vital link to recovery from the patient's current illness or injury. And although pediatric patients have their own unique characteristics, many of the infusion therapy principles are the same as those that apply to an adult.


One of the core content areas of required knowledge for the CRNI examination is Pediatrics. In your study of this area of practice, you will learn about the application of infusion principles to this age group, the stages of growth and development, differences in equipment needed, and techniques used to provide vascular access. Mastering this information instills confidence and enhances your success in caring for this patient population.


The following are sample pediatric questions developed to test your knowledge in this area and to assist you in reviewing for the certification examination. Following the questions are rationales and references for the correct answers. The Infusion Nurses Society has developed educational materials to assist with exam preparation. These resources are the Core Curriculum for Intravenous Nursing, the CRNI Exam Preparation Guide and Sample Questions, Preparing to Take the CRNI Examination audio/video series, and the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, and the textbook, Infusion Therapy in Clinical Practice. For additional information regarding review materials, contact the Infusion Nurses Society at (800) 694-0298.